Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is experienced in a variety of ways. Some experience pain in the surrounding tissue or muscles that help support the shoulder joint, others get actual pain deep inside the joint. One or the other, we can help! We utilize an array of remedies to alleviate shoulder pain and injuries, a brief list of these remedies is listed below. We have over 25 years experience working with shoulder pain, through conservative efforts. But what is most important is determining the cause of your shoulder pain and then diagnosing your condition.
Your history will be the first thing that we will consider; "Exactly how long you have been suffering from the pain?" Also, "What brought the shoulder pain on?" Was it an injury? After an illness? Or repeat trauma? Some things to consider are these; if there is no history of injury, then please review the following list of possible reasons why you may be experiencing pain;
1) LEFT SHOULDER PAIN/Diffuse - Pain in the left shoulder coming on for no apparent reason with further pain down the left arm - r/o HEART PROBLEMS! *(You may be suffering from early warning signs of Cardiac Arrest, Coronary Artery Blockage, the small artery that feeds the heart its own oxygen supply, or other issues not diagnosed yet by your Doctor.) You should have this checked immediately and be seen by your Primary Treating Physician as quickly as possible. For those of you who have already seen your Doctor, you should probably be looking at your diet and eating habits. Consider increasing your intake of OMEGA-3's and other important nutrients for your heart. You should also evaluate your health and whether or not you are overweight. If you are and your diet is adequate, then you need to consider changing your lifestyle. Make it gradual but be consistent with your food. Start eating a more of a Mediterranean type Diet. The Mediterranean diet is rich in colorful Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Lean Meats and much more more. Your diet should be a healthy balance of Vegetables, Fruits, Proteins and good Fats. You should visit the American Heart Association Web-Site as they have some good information to keep your heart beating.
2) RIGHT SHOULDER PAIN/ Diffuse - Pain in the right shoulder for no apparent reason may be associated with Liver or Gall Bladder problems. There is usually no rhyme or reason for the right shoulder pain and comes and goes until finally it is constant. Sometimes this pain is associated with back pain usually on the right side behind the liver. Again, you will need to see a Doctor immediately to properly diagnose your condition and to help you. If it is your Gall Bladder, before you have it removed, you should consider going through a 10 days Liver and Gall Bladder cleanse. This will eliminate the gall stones that are in your Gall Bladder as well as 100's of stones that are backed up into your Liver, oh yes, sometimes 1000's! It is TIME to flush them out, so get with a competent Physician who may help you with this. We certainly can and we have the appropriate specialty products to do this, but it is intense and takes time and effort and you must follow the protocol precisely, or you will be ending up having that little guy removed from your abdomen. But if it is infected and/or you have liver issues, this will often refer pain up to that right shoulder so again, get it checked by your Primary Care Giver or come see us before you end up in the Hospital having it removed. Here is a link to some information that you may review on the prevention and treatment. Otherwise, you may visit our Nutritional page where we go into more detail and depth as to what it really takes to obtain good health.
3) PAIN IN EITHER RIGHT OR LEFT that is minimal at first and then continues to get worse and is always constant - Something like this you must be concerned and again, have it checked. There are certain arthritides that develop within the shoulder joint but be advised that it could also be something more serious such as a bone tumor, sarcoma or other type of cancer although rare, cannot be disregarded. There is special imaging that can be performed to properly diagnose these conditions such as MRI and/or CT Arthrogram. The special images can usually determine the cause of your pain. It is important to have your images taken at a reputable facility and a competent Radiologist reading your images to accurately diagnose your condition. But this will rule out life threatening pathology and then possible blood work such as an RA panel could be performed perhaps. Check with your Doctor and do not wait if it becomes worse.

There are other reasons why you may get shoulder pain. Most of the time it is issues from the surrounding shoulder musculature. This can be from either performing too many ADL's or activity of daily living chores such as laundry, yard work, etc, where there is no ONE THING that injured your shoulder, but accumulation of little simple tasks that just eventually wear it down until the joint itself cannot perform even the simplest of task. But most of the time, when people come in and complain of their shoulder hurting, we find it to be the muscles around the shoulder blade, trapezius muscle spasms and trigger points. When there is injury to the surrounding muscles of the shoulder it can cause pain and discomfort into the shoulder joint. So good news, IT IS NOT YOUR SHOULDER per se, but if it is something like this, which 65% of the time, IT IS, then we can HELP you.
There are a variety of therapies and exercises that can be performed to the shoulder joint to reestablish functionality. Many of these therapies are listed below to treat your shoulder pain and injury. Exercising the surrounding muscles of the shoulder, such as the rotator cuff muscle; reduce muscle spasms through modality work, focused Trigger Point therapy and Myofascial Release work. The Rhomboids, mid-back and shoulder muscles, also usually also play a very big role in general shoulder pain. The Rhomboid muscle is located on the inside of the shoulder blade, closest to the spine. The ribs can also play a role in your shoulder pain. Many ribs will, for whatever reason get "knocked" out of place and "pop" backwards causing excruciating pain known as a posterior subluxation. The pain can be so bad that it will often refer pain into your shoulder joint leading to very sore Rhomboid muscles. This would have to be Manipulated "properly" back into place AND THEN and only then, would you start the physio-therapy on the shoulder blade muscles, otherwise, it will be a waste of money and time performing Physical Therapy on this area without manipulating the ribs back into their proper place first. The most important thing here is getting it checked by a Licensed Professional who truly understands skeletal biomechanics or a Doctor of Chiropractic.
Please visit the list below of possible symptoms or conditions you may have and how we treat them.
Do You Suffer From Any of These Conditions? • Torn Rotator Cuff • Acute Shoulder Injury • Decreased Motion • Referred Pain or Pain Traveling Down the Arm • Failed Shoulder Surgery • Shoulder Weakness • Shoulder Tendinitis • "Frozen Shoulder" aka Adhesive Capsulitis • Shoulder Sprain & Strain • Chronic Shoulder Pain • Shoulder Bursitis • Can’t Raise your Arm
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