In special circumstances, there are patients who exhibit signs and symptoms that are neurological in nature. Radiating paresthesia numbness and tingling, total extremity numbness or carpal tunnel syndrome are all valid reasons why further testing would be warranted. These are just a few of the many reasons a patient should be further tested.
NCVAlthough MRI by choice is the number one Diagnostic tool to rule-out Disc Bulges and pathology, it still does not give us the function of the Neuro-Anatomy or the extremity/ Peripheral Nerves and/or the underlying Physiology, only structure. That is why we utilize tests such as NCV, or Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies to visualize the Peripheral Nerves and whether they are being compromised. SSEP or Somato-Sensory Evoked Potential Testing is also used for Stenosis purposes where there may be hidden disc bulges or other compromising pathology occluding or partially closing the IVF or Spinal Canal. DEP or Dermatomal Evoked Potential Testing works much the same only specific Dermatomes and finally, s-CPT or Sensory Proprioceptive Threshold studies whereby we can further evaluate the sensory threshold of nerves peripherally that can show us important information that simply cannot be determined or found in a normal NCV study. These studies are very expensive and extremely time consuming, but very important for sensitive Neurology information which can be used to assist the patient in many ways with their care.