MRI is a special imaging study that is needed when there is belief that soft tissue damage, hard cartilage and/or disc protrusion is believed to be evident. Exam findings show positive findings and a few weeks of conservative care just hasn't relieved the pain, this is when we order an MRI. Very seldom do we send out immediately, however, there are indications for a more immediate study. Once the study is performed, we then go over the results with you and assist you in understanding where we will need to go from there with your care and what is recommended as the next step.
We have lined ourselves up with several MRI Centers in the surrounding area that we know and trust to do good quality imaging. We are very particular when it comes to proper imaging but also with the report received. The MRI is only as good as the Radiologist reading it. If we are ever dissatisfied with the read from the MRI then we will almost always send out for a second opinion. This is very rare and is why we have aligned ourselves with some of the best imaging centers in the area. We have complete confidence with these centers because of their professional attitude towards the patients we have referred as well as their timely reports; usually received within 24 hours.
MRI studies are very expensive and since we have a working relationship with many of these centers, we are able to work with them on your behalf, to not only get the best image and report available, but that your scan is paid for by either Workman's Compensation, PPO insurance or Persona Med-Pay Insurance from an auto-mobile accident. We are confident that the MRI administrative team will work with us on all levels of concern and on your behalf. For our PPO patient's, pre-authorization is needed and you can be rest assured that you will feel confident in our team working for you, to get your MRI authorized when necessary.
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