Digital Computerized Full Spine X-Ray

SPINE and JOINT INSTITUTE of MILWAUKEE has developed a Radio-logical Department that is State-Of-The-Art. We have installed one of the only FULL SPINE SYSTEMS that are located in all of the South Eastern areas of Wisconsin. This system is very expensive and rare as it allows us to take viewings of "Long Bones" for possible fractures/ micro-fractures" of extremities and other injury as well as Full Spine viewing of your spine. This is unique in that normally, a Doctor, if they have X-Ray in their office, or Hospital, will take "non-weight bearing" images in sections or segments of your different body parts but they cannot take X-Rays of the entire bone or spine in normal circumstances. At SPINE and JOINT INSTITUTE of MILWAUKEE, we are also able to do so, but we have as well, the capability to take your entire spine all at once.
This is good for several reasons: It allows us to screen and measure for SCOLIOSIS.
We are able to capture the spine as it is, "Naturally", meaning, we can see the spine as it actually is when you are generally standing with gravity and all. This assists us to determine the areas of your spine that are problem areas that may be developing disc bulging or wedging that could lead to DISC HERNIATION'S. Full Viewing of long bones or Upper and/or Lower Extremities. The Full Spine X-Ray capabilities are unique in themselves however we have added a second segment to this X-Ray system and that is this; we have made it completely DIGITAL.
Our DIGITAL FULL SPINE X-RAY System will allow us to take a picture or X-Ray of a patients' body part and almost immediately exhibit the X-Ray image on a sophisticated flat screen panel through a computerized system. This allows us immediate results of the study, less down time of the X-Ray unit, immediate imaging e-mail to our Medical Radiologist, we can easily include images or positive findings in our reports for all parties to view, (no dark room errors or need for dark room) there's simply a whole plethora of reasons this system is superior than any other on the market. Above all, we have a Full Spine capability that just doesn't normally come with any x-ray system especially a Digital System.
At SPINE and JOINT INSTITUTE of MILWAUKEE, you can be rest assured that your Radio-logical needs WILL be met and there will be no worries. All x-rays will be marked and measured for Vertebral Subluxations' and Segmental Dysfunctions and then reported to you, the patient, in the ROF or the Report of Findings visit usually the next day. If there are serious findings, we will always send out for a second opinion Medically speaking. All X-Rays are otherwise sent out to our Radiology Department Lab that is outside our office where two or more Licensed and Certified Radiologists view and read the X-Rays. *(Please visit our Radiologists section of the web-site.) Once this is performed, a report is produced.