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Chiropractic Care Treatment Center Milwaukee, WI

Quality Chiropractic is an art form that only comes with many years of experience. You may go to a Doctor of Chiropractic and get a substandard adjustment that causes you MORE pain or go to one who really knows how to perform an accurate and specific adjustment. We have found more of the former unfortunately with patients often coming into our Center and have had a bad experience.

At SPINE and JOINT INSTITUTE of MILWAUKEE, our Chiropractors are chosen because their different technique qualities combined with the others, allow the clinic an atmosphere of quality Chiropractic care overall. Good experienced patient management and care ALONG WITH good Chiropractic adjusting, is what is most important and is what allows us to help more people with their conditions but remember that this is only one facet of what we do.
Our clinic Director, Dr. Kelly G. Worth, Chiropractic Neurologist, has been trained in one of the most advanced forms of Chiropractic adjusting and studied under many mentors back some 20(+) years ago, who were the best in the field of Chiropractic. This allowed Dr. Kelly to become much more proficient in overall skeletal biomechanics as well as in a technique called GONSTEAD.
Gonstead adjusting was originally formed by Clarence Gonstead years and years ago who measured specific angles and lines of mensuration from Full Spine X-Rays and adjusted some thousands and thousands of patients SPECIFIC from the lines of measure from the Full Spine films. He would not only adjust fixated areas where pain was remarkable to the patient, he would actually get neurological change patterns with the deeper spinal adjustments allowing the patient to become pain free with proper correction of their spines much, much quicker, than the lighter and more tender adjustments. He has helped thousands of patients over the years and so has now Dr. Kelly with his Gonstead and Modified Diversified Techniques. Dr Kelly has mastered this art form and continues to assist 100?s of people in the community. The technique is painless and Dr. Kelly only uses Gonstead adjusting when necessary and knows several technique types along with the other clinical Chiropractors at SJIR. Each patient is tailor suited for their needs and to which Chiropractic adjustment they will be in need of.
With a HIGH RESOLUTION DIGITAL X-RAY system in place at our office that is FULL SPINE capable, we can now properly take standing gravity full spine films allowing us to actually really capture what is going on with your spine while you are in a standard standing position instead of lying down on a table.
After careful AP and LAT studies are performed, we can then measure the angles of each curve and joint and look at each and every vertebra, where disc wedging is, inflammation around facet joints, lateral angles of the spine and so on. You can then be placed on a 12 week program and x-rays retaken, if desired, and we should be able to see changes in your spine from the protocols set forth for your management of care.
Our office is not like any other office in all of Wisconsin and we offer you the opportunity to stop by and take a tour or come in for a free consultation any time, M-F. In the mean time, please visit below our current Chiropractic staff.

Kelly G. Worth

Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist
Clinic Director SJIR
25 Years Experience

WI Lic#: 4264-012
IL Lic#: 038-010349
CA Lic#: 19653

Dr. Kelly practiced prior in the State of California and is where he obtained the majority of his experience. California being one of the most difficult States to practice, allowed Dr. Kelly to become a Qualified Medical Examiner. He had served as a QME in the State of California for cumulative of 13 years until which point in 2006' he forfeited his position with the State and narrowed his diversity and focus from multiple States to just the State of Illinois where he owned and operated Spine and Joint Institute of Lake County since 2005' until he turned over the Clinical Directorship and moved to a full time position with the Racine location in Wisconsin in January 01, 2012. The Racine location was founded in March of 2008'. Dr. Kelly was further recognized and awarded a Diplomate with the American Board of Disability Analysts as well as a Fellow with the American Forensic Industrial Chiropractic Consultants due to his outstanding achievements with the State of California in performing QME disability examinations and reporting and his extensive research, work and development in the field of Work Injuries and worker's compensation. He is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and Internist with Diplomates in both fields. He earned a Board Certification as a Naturopathic Physician and is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. Dr. Kelly has worked in numerous Surgical Centers performing Manipulations Under Anesthesia with Medical Nurses, Dr's and Anesthesiologists'. Dr. Kelly's Network of Medical Physician's soon grew to be quite large and has become personal friends with many who have highly recommended Dr. Kelly as "The Only" Chiropractic Physician they would trust to work on their patient's and referrals.
Dr. Kelly has had hundreds if not thousands of referrals over the years sent to him by Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners, Attorney's both defense and applicant oriented, Medical Practitioners, Chiropractic Doctors, Nurse Case Managers, Judges, patient referrals, and the list goes on….
One of the most prestigious honorary awards Dr. Kelly was recognized for was in Pain Management and received a Diplomate with the American Academy of Pain Management back in February of 1992 for his outstanding achievements with treatment of Chronic illness and pain prevention with his patients. Although pain management is so wide spread, over the years, Dr. Kelly has been able to utilize in many different settings and clinics Nation wide, different techniques and strategies that not only helped his patients feel better, but healed them from their ailment. With a deep understanding of Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders as well as the Neurology System, Dr. Kelly has been able to take that understanding and apply it to his patients' conditions and get them well again. He has now taken all this knowledge acquired over so many years and working with so many Doctors and in numerous clinics, to bring to pass Spine and Joint Institute of Racine. Spine and Joint Institute of Racine is an accumulation of everything Dr. Kelly has learned and practiced over the years along with the most advanced and up to date technology and FDA approved treatment that he is confident that 100% of his patients that come in will leave his office with some benefit and feel somewhat better, after the very first treatment and with some effort and follow-through from the patient, is confident that most patient's that step foot through their door, will get well. "Everyone is unique and widely different in their ways of living, their demographic and so forth, it would be a mistake to place every person in the same program and is EXACTLY why each and every person is interviewed and given a thorough evaluation and consultation that we may provide the proper program for them. Some people have allergies, others, cumulative injury, everyone is unique and very different, but they all share one commonality, PAIN!"
The treatment he is now prescribing in his newest state of the art center is bar none, probably the most advanced and proactive pain center in all of Wisconsin and certainly in the field of Workers Compensation. No matter what ailment you are experiencing whether it is a new injury or old, whether it is chronic illness or pain, or you just want to feel better and be proactive with your health, Dr. Kelly and his team will be able to help you. Dr. Kelly is at the top of his field.
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